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Blind Pass Project

photo 184

Blind Pass closed - 2002

photo 330

Blind Pass reopened - 2008

Blind Pass 2010

photo 291

Shoaling on Sanibel side of Blind Pass

photo 292

Shoaling at Blind Pass Bridge

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Best Florida Gulf Coast Beach

photo 331

March 2013: The five CEPD Commissioners with the Best Florida Gulf Coast Beach Award

photo 332

Jim Boyle accepts award on behalf of CEPD at American Shore and Beach Preservation Association meeting in February 2013 in Washington, D.C.

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Special Meeting - April 10, 2013

photo 334

The audience gathers. More seats were needed.

photo 335

Commissioner Dave Jensen brings in more chairs.

photo 336

The audience listens to Chairman Jim Boyle (not pictured) open the meeting.

photo 337

CEPD Administrator Kathy Rooker presents information on CEPD's upcoming project.

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2013 Renourishment Project

photo 338

1. Pipe anchored off Boca Grande waiting to be transported to Captiva

photo 340

2. The first equipment being delivered to the staging area at the Alison Hagerup Beach parking lot

photo 341

4. Bulldozer bringing pipe to the beach

photo 342

3. Tug towing pipe to beach

photo 343

7. Dredge vacuuming sand into hold

photo 344

10. Sand being pumped onto the beach

photo 345

12. Bulldozers spreading the freshly pumped sand. The survey vehicle is in the background.

photo 348

6. Submerged pipeline exits from it 2.5 mile journey from the booster pump

photo 349

5. Ready to fit shore pipe to exiting submerged pipeline

photo 350

14. Newly renourished beach meets existing beach

photo 351

9. The CRAB (Coastal Research Amphibious Buggy). It surveys the depth of the sand to determine where new sand should be placed.

photo 352

8. The booster pump "Jessie." Dredges do not have enough power to pump the sand through the 2.5 miles of submerged pipeline without assistance

photo 353

11. A bulldozer spreads the newly pumped sand according to specifications determined by the CRAB

photo 354

14. A newly renourished section at the foot of Chapin Lane

photo 355

15. Beachgoers enjoy the new wider beach

photo 356

17. Everyone enjoy a beautiful sunset on a wide beach

photo 357

16. A couple enjoys the sunset on their portion of the beach

photo 358

13. Work continued 24 hours a day, seven days a week

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